Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some questions that are frequently asked about

Do I needed to register in order to make purchase?
ANS: Yes. You need to provide us your basic information such as contact email and delivery address. The registration is simple, straight forward and should be able to complete with 5 minutes

Is there any payment accepted other than Paypal?
ANS: Yes and No. We use Paypal as our payment gateway, you can use Paypal to complete the payment if you have already the Paypal account. Otherwise, you still can pay with your Credit Card via our Paypal gateway. Everything is Accepted

How long it take to deliver my item?
ANS: Subject to the country and district of destination. Base on our experience, delivery to US and Europe countries take less than 7 days.

The watch model that i m looking forward doesnt found in buy-casio.com, Can you source for me?
ANS: Yes. There are too many CASIO watches, some of them might not uploaded to our website. Please feel free to drop us a mail here, and we will reply to you very soon.