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The Two Main Tools From Ground Labs

The Ground Labs company was created based on the idea of two friends who wanted to plan and execute a series of software for the PCI industry. And due to the technical background, they began to solely focus on the engineering aspects in order to create something truly remarkable. Now it well over 10 years and it can be seen how easily they stayed true to their mission. Our article dives into the sensitive data discovery tool from Ground Labs.

Ground Labs has made it their business to focus on their two main assets which are their employees and their coding. Due to their remarkable success, they are trusted by over 80 countries and their creations can be found within various industries such as the financial industry, world-class airlines, some of the biggest gaming companies, retailers and even telecom. And not to mention that they are also top notch when it comes to customer satisfaction.

As a result of their work, they go on to validate your company’s data in order to find even the most sensitive information across your network. They ensure that your sensitive data is found and protected. And when it comes to the size of your establishment, that’s not an issue because every company deals with the issues of hackers and threats. These criminal elements go on to steal and sell all of your sensitive data to the highest of bidders on the well-known dark web.

Hence it has never been more important to discover and properly secure all of your personal data. And they guarantee that if you’re looking to avoid being the talk of the town when it comes to data breaches, you’ve surely come to the right place for protection. Ground Labs even offers two particular tools. The first is known as the Enterprise Recon and covers from 5 to over 100000 systems.

This particular tool serves to enlighten an organization and make sure that they properly understand the source of their sensitive data. And it even gives some more info on the storage location and solutions to remediate it. This particular tool has been designed to not only identify but also remediate and continuously monitor personal sensitive data which are stored on workstations, servers, cloud-based servers, and even databases.

The following are the main features of the Enterprise Recon are as follows:

  • *Provides unique and specially designed remediation functions.
  • *Can secure personal data, scan and of course remediate any and all data found.
  • *They have access to over 200 Data types from over 48 countries.
  • *Can readily discover unsecured data that organizations didn’t know they had.
  • *The Enterprise Recon also provides custom scanning of data.
  • *Virtually allows users to lock down and pre-configure their system.

The second tool is known as the Card Recon and it facilitates 1 to 5 systems. This tool is perfect for smaller businesses who are interested in keeping their data safe and secure. The Card Recon tool is known globally within the industry for its state-of-the-art PCI scanning tool. And as we’ve said before, it can be readily used by small businesses and even QSAs.

Ground Labs even offers an exclusive search when it comes to PCI data on one machine. And it even generates a professional compliance report. In essence, this tool has the power to discover any and all sensitive info that is responsible for achieving the perfect PCI compliance. The following are the key feature of the Card Recon tool:

  • *Allows ongoing audit for insurance compliances.
  • *Trusted globally by QSAs.

Additionally, Ground Labs has performed significant research which has shown them that endless organizations are currently struggling with the growth of data. As such, organizations are now realizing the true worth of having their data secured and in proper order. Ground Labs ensures that their clients will experience a reduced risk as well as the inefficiencies that come with unstructured data. And they can successfully manage any form of data within the relevant policies; Ground Labs also ensures that they can provide a better form of access for clients when it comes to unstructured data.

As we conclude we have just looked at the two main tools offered by Ground Labs. We have also looked at how the company became to be. And we have also looked at the main features of both tools!